Essay on What Is Wrong With A Video Game Career?

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What Is Wrong With A Video Game Career?
I get extremely aggravated when mom will not let me attempt becoming a professional player. We have had many heated arguments discussing me becoming a professional League of Legends Player. We go back and forth but it’s like she never listens to my reasoning. My mom thinks that everything I say about becoming a professional player is just a sign of addiction to playing League of Legends. If my mom would take time to listen to the reasons to why I should attempt becoming a professional player, then she would see how stubborn she has been.
Every Friday for the past couple months, I’ve been trying to convince my mom to let me try being a professional League of Legends player. But when I bring up one reason, she vigorously unleashes her wrath on me. My mom is convinced that playing video games will get me nowhere in life. She believes that playing video games as a career has no money earning potential, and wonders what will I make of myself by playing video games. But like the majority of society, my mom is unaware of the large and growing eSports (professional gaming) community.
Due to my parents being raised in an Asian culture, my parents have very high expectations from me. High expectations are great, but because of it, they do not see playing video games as a career as good enough. My parents’ high expectations are strict to careers like, becoming a doctor, or a CEO to a corporation. My mom is completely unaware that playing video…

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