What Is White Privilege? Essay

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What is white privilege?

There have been many police brutality reports that show young black men being killed by white officers for no reason. The officers accused do not get convicted properly. In the court system, African Americans are ten times more likely to get an improper conviction for their crimes. An African American male is convicted of crimes they do not commit. “Northwestern University in Chicago collaborated to create the National Registry of Exonerations, the researchers found that Blacks accounted for nearly half (47 percent) of all known exonerees in 1989, and whites made up nearly 39 percent of all known exonerees.” Growing up black is truly a challenge African Americans must learn how to deal with white privilege. They are thought to go above and beyond everyone else because as a black child they have to prove themselves in everything they do.
The civil war is over and the marches have been marched. However, racism is alive and well in our homes and community. Talking with African Americans, I learned that no matter where a person is from he/she have dealt with white privilege. Which sparked an idea to figure out how does a person define white privilege? This made me realize depending on a person’s race class or gender he/she will deal white privilege differently. Some of them have seen it in their schools, jobs, and in their neighborhoods. The importance of my study is to gain knowledge on white privilege. This is a topic that has been brushed under…

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