What Is War Really Like? Hollywood Has Made Us Believe That War?

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What is war really like? Hollywood has made us believe that war is highly romanticized and a glorious notion. Through shows and movies, war is portrayed in a heroic and honorable scene of zealous soldiers storming to battle in a blaze of glory. They show that wars always have a “bad guy” and a “good guy” and the “good guys” always seem to defeat the evil army and “save” the world. They arrive home to worshipping civilians championed and unscathed. However what they fail to express is the horrible carnage and pointless taking of human life. Or that real wars do not have good and bad guys, they just have two sides. Normal everyday people are drafted, given a gun and told “Defend your country.” Fallen
Angels by Walter Dean Myers does not glamorize the concept of war, Instead, Myers demonstrates the unromantic reality, the moral ambiguity and how preconceived notions have no effect on war. Richie
Perry, the protagonist and his fellow soldiers experience and realize that war is completely different from what they imagined and learn the unsatisfying truth about war. Richie Perry joins the army with illusions about what war is like. Just like us, he has learned about war from movies or stories that portray war as heroic and glorious. However throughout the novel, what Perry and his fellow soldiers experience in Vietnam has almost no resemblance to what they thought what war was. In Fallen Angels, war is far from heroic, everyone looking out only for their own

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