Essay About School Hours

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At the end of every high school year there is always an evil, beastly force standing between the students and glorious summer break; the final exam. A final exam is supposed to test one’s knowledge of the information taught throughout the year. Having these two hour test stacked back to back can only lead to high levels of stress. Without going into details, I am not the most proactive student. I am basically the person who won’t start a project until the day before it’s due or will be up late at night doing homework because I decided that three hours of Netflix was what I needed after school. As you can imagine I procrastinated studying for these test almost to the point where I went into them with only a few hours of net review. I was able …show more content…
A sense of relief was cut short as I remembered that I had most likely failed. With thoughts of uncertainty running through my head faster than the speed of light the bell rang and I walked out of the classroom with a feeling I had never experienced before. There was this feeling in my stomach that I could not explain. There were no butterflies in my stomach, those things must have evolved into some super insect because they were causing real havoc. What had I just done I thought to myself, did I really just throw away what I had worked so hard to …show more content…
Having worked my brain into a frenzy going over every single possible grade I was at the point where I just wanted it to be over. With little optimism I walked up to the teacher’s desk with a look of shame only a dog who had just been screamed at could rival. Hoping that the news would be short and sweet my teacher opened her mouth and a number unbelievable came out, “Seventy Two.” A shot of excitement shot through my body and my fear had been kicked out of my body and happiness gladly moved in. I had avoided what would have been one of the biggest slip-ups of my

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