What Is Total Quality Management ( Tqm ) Concepts And Principles

1108 Words Oct 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
The purpose of this report is to identify and apply total quality management (TQM) concepts and principles in Lego Group. This is following a possible contractual obligation to work with the stated company. A literature review illustrating the significance of total quality audit, TQM benchmarking, PDCA model is analysed. Scholars in TQM field emphasize the need to surpass industry standards when it comes to TQM by indoctrinating a quality culture in the organisation. Some scholars argue the need to combine TQM with other certifications such as ISO 9000 to gain a competitive advantage over rival companies. Other findings from the review include implementing the right models, training personnel on quality management, involving all stakeholders in TQM, and adopting new philosophies should the need arise. The findings were used to inform the recommendations that will assist Smart Pack Ltd execute the right TQM practices for the Lego Group. The report concluded that TQM is an important aspect of the organizations that helps it build and maintain a reputation. Having a plan and executing it is critical to ensuring TQM. Finally, involving all stakeholders is vital for improving the quality management process.

1.0 Introduction In this report I explore Total Quality Management (TQM) and how its principles and concepts can be applied in the assembly of Lego products designed from the Australian market. The scope of this report is to find an appropriate TQM action plan for a…

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