What Is The Weaknesses Of A Studio A Essay

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Studio A taught me so much valuable information that continues to help me in the roles that I am blessed to land in, I really hope that Studio B will not only exercise everything that I learned in Studio A but continue to branch off of that and help deepen my knowledge. I hope to learn more about how to use body language to further your character development and also learn how to overcome my weaknesses. Along with that, I really want to try out some serious roles with some serious characters talking about serious topics, that is a line that I haven’t crossed yet that I am looking forward to cross.

Along with any progressing actor, I have strengths as well as my share of weaknesses. One of my biggest weakness that I very recently realized I had was that I am afraid to make mistakes. That in itself isn’t the weakness I was referring to, but that fear has led me to be afraid to think outside the box with my characters, afraid to try my ideas that I have had to make those characters unforgettable and really special and that is a big weakness. I
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I started my acting experience with a Susical Summer Camp when I was seven years old and after that I started doing productions with an organization called CYT (Christian Youth Theatre). I have been actively involved there ever since, auditioning for shows, participating in classes and other events. I started to get involved with SCCT when I was eleven, I have done a few shows with this organization which I have not only thoroughly enjoyed, but also got to be apart of an amazing educational experience, watching directors work and also watching other actors develop into amazing characters that audiences fell in love with. I have also completed the Studio A course about 7 times, each time I learned so much about the art of the theatre and some of the technical sides of acting that helped me develop into the actor that I am

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