What Is The Volar And A Pair Of Tickets Short Story

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Facing Problem

In the short story “Volar" written by Judith Ortiz Cofer and “A Pair of Ticket” written by Amy Tan share a lot of similar literacy device in the story especially the used of symbol and setting. Both story used of plot might be different but we can see many similar things in the story where the author used symbol and Setting to portray most of the story and used dialogue to back it up so that the reader can understand what is going on in the story. In this world, we are facing problem everyday no matter where we are. In the short story of Volar and A Pair of Ticket, both author reveal the problem their facing by using symbol. In Volar, the unnamed twelve year old Spanish girl, whose her parents had difficult
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One of them is the change of setting. There is a change of setting when Jing Mei travels from the United State to China. Through this journey, Jing Mei is able to reach the land of her parents. She has a feeling that she never had before. She say” The minute our train leaves the Hong Kong border and enters Shenzhen, China, I feel different. I can feel the skin on my forehead tingling, my blood rushing through a new course, my bones aching with familiar old pain and I thin, my mother was right. I am becoming Chinese”(263). The American and Chinese setting in the play help in highlighting the double culture that Jing Mei can be associate with. Visiting China helps her better understand how she is Chinese and how she has been influenced by American culture. For example, she does not believe that communist China can have very beautiful hotels as she keep on saying, “ this is communist China”(269). But, In the story of Volar, the setting is took place is her dream rather than reality. Where she become super girl in her dream and move building to building and at one point where she end up at the evil landlord house “. …Whom I knew my parents feared, sitting in a treasure room dressed in an ermine coat and a large gold crown. He sat on the floor count his dollar bills”(278). This setting set up that, in her dream every thing is possible in the little girl dream where everything is in her control. In conclusion, both Amy Tan and Judith Ortiz Cofer shot story has a lot in common. They both use symbol and setting to add depth and meaning to the story. The plot in the story might not be totally the same but we can conclude that both story has the same goal to find a solution for their own

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