What Is The Value Of Nursing? Essay

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What is the value of nursing? Nursing is one of the oldest known professions concerned with all variables affecting clients in their environment. They have been in existence since the beginning of time and have evolved through the course of history. According to Charon A. Pierson, author of “A collision of history, controversy and meditation,” women were originally the first nurses and were taught how to treat minor illnesses and other health related complaints as a strategic method to prolong life. As time progressed, “the significance of nurses became more apparent” (Pierson, A Collision of history, controversy and meditation) and thus the building blocks for its formal training were laid out. In being a nurse, there are many responsibilities because it is “one of the fastest growing occupations” (Pierson, A Collision of history, controversy and meditation) that is said to make up more than half of the healthcare industry and although work settings and clinical populations may differ, all nurses are trained to carry out specific duties such as, “treating patients to alleviate their suffering and educating patients and families about care” (Pierson, A Collision of history, controversy and meditation). In order to carry out these duties, a majority of these nurses work in places such as doctors’ offices, hospitals and outpatient facilities. Some even travel across the country, or internationally as healthcare is a worldwide requirement. However, because nurses are involved…

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