What Is The Tragic Tragedy In King Lear

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Register to read the introduction… Later in the play, when Cordelia and Lear are united, she looks after him in his illness. When Lear says that she has sufficient cause to be annoyed with him, she says: “No cause, no cause.” It is a touching moment in the play. As a consequence of a plot hatched by Edmond, Cordelia is hanged, and we then see Lear carrying her dead body. The death of Cordelia comes as a shock to all of us. To justify her death, we should look at the weakness of her nature.The whole conduct of Cordelia in the opening scene shows that she is a woman of few words. She is by nature reticent. She does not believe in showing off her affections for her father. At the sametime, we cannot deny that this incapacity on her part to express her love for her father is a fault in her nature. If the old man wanted to gratify his dignity, Cordelia should have come out with some sort of assurance that she loved her father deeply because sometimes it is better for a person toexpress his love in words in order to satisfy the other person. There was no need for her to be asblunt as she has proved to be. Her father is aware that she loves him the best but he wants to hear her speak about her love; and her failure to speak annoys him greatly. Thus the fault is not entirelyon Lear’s side; Cordelia cannot completely be exonerated. Her sere nature proves to be the, causeof Lear’s undoing (ruin) and her undoing too. Later on, when she comes to fight against the …show more content…
Now even if she is speakingthe truth here, she is not speaking the absolute truth because to give love to a husband cannotmean taking away any part of love from a father. Her responsibility for tragic events cannot bedenied. Through her tragic imperfection, she contributes something to the conflict. While thetragedy is largely due to Lear’s own fault, it is in no small measure due to a deficiency in Cordelia.As the dying Lear gives us a perfect picture of her nature in a few Words: “Her voice was ever soft;gentle and low, an excellent thing in woman.” She is a loving daughter as in the play it has beensaid:“Thou hast one daughter,Who redeems nature from the general curseWhich twain have brought her to.”Mrs. Jameson compares Cordelia as the heroine of filial tenderness, with the self-devotion of Antigone, the daughter of Oedipus, saying: “To Antigone, we give our admiration; to Cordelia our tears.” Dr Johnson felt that the tragic ending of “KINGLEAR”, especially the death of Cordelia,violates poetic justice (the virtuous to be rewarded and the wicked to be punished). Besides, he feltthat is the play, the wicked prosper, and the virtuous miscarry (be unsuccessful). The veryconception of a Shakespearean tragedy

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