Jing-Mei In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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In the begining of the story , Jing-mei's mother, Suyuan, has just died.
"Her father asks Jing-mei to take her mother's place at the Joy Luck Club", which Jing-mei is nervous about doing.
At the first meeting, her mother's best friends ("aunties") tell her that Suyuan's twin daughters have been located in China.
The aunties give Jing-mei enough money for her and her father to meet the twins in Shanghai.
Jing-mei is touched by this loyalty to her mother, but afraid of having to tell her sisters about their mother.
We enter into a (scene or a sudden mental picture where earlier events are shown or remembered) of Jing-mei's (the time when a person is a child).
After seeing the wild success of Shift back and forthly, Jing-mei's mother is
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On her thirtieth birthday, Jing-mei's mother offered her the piano. Jing-mei understands it as a sign of (state of mind where you no longer are angry at or want to punish someone).
After her mother's death, Jing-mei has the piano tuned for emotional reasons. She sits down to play "Pleading Child," and (understands/makes real/achieves) there is a companion piece called "Satisfied and happy Child."
After a while, she (understands/makes real/achieves) they are two parts to the same song.
We now flash back to last year's Chinese New Year's Eve dinner, when Jing-mei receives her "life's importance" from her mother.
Eleven people are present at the dinner: Shift back and forthly, Shoshana, Rich, Lindo, Tin, Vincent, Lisa, Mr. Chong, Jing-mei, Suyuan, and Canning.
When the crabs are served, the Jong family takes all the best crabs. Jing-mei's father and Mr. Chong get the best out of what's left, leaving Jing-mei and her mother with really bad ones.
Jing-mei takes the worst crab (one missing a leg), but her mother stops her and gives her the better of the two
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Her father, Canning, is so excited that Jing-mei compares him to a little boy.
Jing-mei summarizes the discovery of her half-sisters.
Her father opened their letter, and the Joy Luck Club ladies wrote back - without telling them that their mother had died.
For obvious reasons, this causes Jing-mei a lot of fear and stress. She has to be the one to tell her sisters.
She imagines the meeting in some different ways.
Back in the present, Jing-mei and her father arrive in Guangzhou, where they are meeting Canning's family.
Members of Canning's family (most importantly Canning's aunt, who he hasn't seen since he was nine) are there to greet them at the train station.
Jing-mei takes Polaroid pictures while feeling (overloaded and surrounded with too much of something) by the quickly spoken Chinese.
They arrive at an expensive hotel, which, (even though there is the existence of) its grand beauty, is very low-priced.
That night, they eat American food: hamburgers, French fries, and apple pie.
Jing-mei wakes up in the middle of the night to hear Canning telling his aunt about Suyuan's story.
The next day, Jing-mei and her father leave Guangzhou for Shanghai, where they will meet the

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