What Is The Theme Of The Fly By Katherine Mansfield

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The Fly by Katherine Mansfield (1922)

“Everything in the life that we really accept undergoes a change”, written by Katherine Mansfield (14 October 1888 – 9 January 1923), the author of The Fly and many other short stories. Her real name was Kathleen Mansfield Murry and was from New Zealand. The story The Fly is narrated in the third person. The Fly is about a man (The Boss) who is describe not by name, but by function who is a businessman and likes to show off to his five years younger friend who retired after suffering from stroke. They both have one experience common: Both them lost their sons in the war six years ago. Even after six years, the boss is still grieving and when the boss’s friend mention about his son, he felt like weeping but instead he sees a fly in the inkpot and later he kills it while trying to see the courage and the hope that Fly had to fly away. The story convey about death and how to conquer all.
When it comes to stories, we trend look for interesting characters that will make the story exciting and capture our attention with its development and make us feel like we are also the part of the story. Just like that the
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There is no life without death. That's why it's very important to me”, by Tite Kubo. Precisely like what the quote mention, the theme of the story, according to me is death. The theme shown, when both Mr. Woodifield and the Boss feels about their death sons. Even though in the story, it’s not mention that how Mr.Woodifield felt, but the way he is living his life being dominated by family and has no freedom of making his own decision “they won’t let me touch it at home” where he can’t drink alcohol, so basically he is indirectly living like death. And when it comes to the Boss, he unable to cry because of the lack of his death son. Also at the end his treatment towards the fly, where he tortures the fly until it’s died. And this signifies the dominance of the

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