What Is The Theme Of Singin In The Rain

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As a teacher of a film course I would choose the film Singin’ in the Rain as an excellent and important film for my students to view. Singin’ in the Rain was produced in 1952 and was directed by Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen. The film is a musical set in the late 1920s when films begin to transfer from silent to sound. The film has amazing visual effects especially for its time, with bright colors, flashy costumes, extravagant stages, and wonderful lighting effects. The film contains an excellent variety of topics that we cover in class such as the types of visual transition, different types of editing, and the importance of sound effects. Singin in the Rain is an excellent movie that supports many topics that we cover in this course as well as energetic entertainment. …show more content…
Sound films allowed actors and actresses to be able to talk, sing, and really express their emotions. Musicals brought dancing, singing and energy that could not be matched in any other film genre and the audience loved it. The classic musical is centered around a courtship of a couple who sang and danced together, but in Singin’ in the Rain the story was a little different. Don, the lead man was not in love with Lina, the lead woman. In fact, Don did not like anything about Lina, he had his eyes set on another woman. The musical genre allowed for so much diversity, while still bringing so much emotion and excitement to any story line. Realism is well depicted in Singin’ in the Rain, because the scene goes from dialogue and real-life scenarios, to large and exuberant musical numbers. The contemporary audience had a difficult time adjusting to the divergence of the genres style. However, the plot still falls under a classical Hollywood narrative because the plot has a clear meaning and purpose and takes place in a timely

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