What Is The Theme Of Feminism In Pride And Prejudice

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By looking at Pride and Prejudice, one can see that Jane Austen included themes of feminism and realistic fiction because she wanted to be the change in British literature. Jane Austen made an impact on British literature for eternity by the the way she lived, what she believed in, how she wrote and what she wrote about made her an unforgettable author, her works are truly timeless. Only writing 6 works she’s world renown. Her feminist leadership inspired many women to stand up for what they believe in. Austen’s style of writing is very unique and relatable
Austen had a very normal upbringing. she was the 7th child and 2nd daughter. Her father was Oxford educated and a preacher for a parish, Austen’s parents were well respected members of their
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Austen’s brother Henry announced her authorship after her death. he kept up with her reputation for years He published two of her books too( britannatica.com). many of her books turned into movies. a few TV series were based on her books. Austen is now considered an icon. Austin is considered one of the greatest English Authors( kirk 55). Pride and Prejudice is a story full of mixed up love relationships. The title Pride and Prejudice is very fitting. most of the misunderstandings and bad decisions are based on prejudice on many of the female characters end. (Kirk 56) The pride in this book really comes in with Mr. Darcy, his pride is a well known fact within the novel(Wagner 17). The original name of this book was called Impressions for good reason. Many people make rash impressions based on a bad first impression. This story is centered around money and marriage. The tensions are caused by the lover’s personal qualities (Wagner 18). Mrs. Bennett would be pleased to see her girls married off, she encourages the girls jump on any opportunity to be married off. The Bennett girls are excited when Mr. Bingley moves to town, they are excited to hear that he is …show more content…
Pride and Prejudice had the main theme of marriage and love. The main character was made after Austen herself. it’s ironic that the main character is named Jane(Wagner 27). Elizabeth is created after Austen’s older sister Cassandra. Elizabeth is considered of the most famous female protagonist in literature.( Kirk 37) Readers admire her spirit, wit, intelligence and strength of will. Elizabeth won’t let another woman 's rank make her make promises that go against her own happiness (Kirk 38). Mr. Darcy is a very complex character, he isn 't comfortable in public social settings, he 's arrogant and aloof. he doesn’t break to pressure ( Kirk 38) This novel revolves around social connections. The characters are extremely relatable, they were people who could have lived in your house or lived next door. Many of Austen’s main characters were feminist. her characters were fiery, independent and they wanted to make many changes in the world. Pride and Prejudice held many themes. In this novel judgement is displayed simply because of hierarchy in society. Pride and prejudice shows the theme of greed, people often marry for money or self gain. Austen does suggest that true love conquers social placement (Wagner 16). Austen shows the importance of a

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