What Is The Strategy Map In Exhibit 4 And Balance Scorecard In Brazil?

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Introduction and Strategy

VWM is implementing a new strategy with the objective of restoring profitability and achieve the #1 market share in Brazil by 2009. This will be done by having their highly-motivated employees work collaboratively with key suppliers, to produce high performance, competitively priced reliable vehicles that are sold and serviced through the best deal networks in Brazil. This will appeal to middle and upper-class consumers.


The strategy map in Exhibit 4 and Balance Scorecard in Exhibit 5 help with the implementation of the new strategy. This is further discussed below in the strengths and weaknesses:


If one looks at the Brazilian flag, the national colors are yellow and green which are the colors
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If any perspective is to have a disproportionate quantity (say 40 to 50%) of the map’s strategic objectives, it should be the Process perspective as it is in the VWB map. While the Financial and Customer perspectives contain the outcomes desired from the strategy, the Process objectives describe how the strategy should be implemented. The Process objectives relate more to outcomes influenced by employees’ day-to-day activities so it is desirable to have more specificity here about these drivers of success for customers and …show more content…
The Customer metrics include “things that went wrong,” “repairs per 1000 cars sold,” and the brand’s “image quality index.” These do emphasize the importance of designing and producing vehicles with superior quality and building a strong, differentiated brand. The Process metrics include many measures on developing superior suppliers and dealers, introducing new products, and improving quality and capacity utilization. At the end of the day, however, the key to success will be much more linked to the successful implementation of the strategy rather than staking out a unique position among all existing and potential competitors that they cannot be replicated by

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