Womens Lives Back In The 20's Analysis

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Women’s Lives Back in the 20’s it was normal for a woman to marry a wealthy man for his money. Most middle class women threw themselves at wealthy men just so they would have a chance at marriage. In Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice, the main character, Elizabeth Bennet, is different from all the other women of this time. She believes that you should marry because you love someone, not because they will be able to give you the most expensive gifts. There are more women like Elizabeth Bennet now than there was in the 20’s, because women have many more rights and advantages now a day’s then they would back in the 20’s. Women in the 20’s didn’t have many options for money other than marrying a wealthy man. The women came in second in most aspects of their lives. They were expected to stay at home and clean or cook. In Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Collins is going to inherit Mr. Bennet’s property because the Bennet women are unable to inherit it because they are females. …show more content…
Austen was reflecting her feelings toward marriage through Pride and Prejudice. She shows through the book that she doesn’t think women should be forced into marriages with someone that they don’t really love, just for money. Elizabeth Bennet is the main character because she actually finds love and he just so happens to be a wealthy man. Elizabeth in the end gets married to a man, Mr. Darcy. Darcy’s character changes drastically throughout the novel. He does not want to fall in love with Elizabeth because of her social class; he believes it would put a damper on his reputation. But, in the end Darcy cannot ignore his feelings and finally gives into them. Elizabeth, being the strong independent woman that Austen thought there wasn’t enough of, didn’t make it easy for Mr. Darcy to just marry her. She had more pride than to just give in to a man who had insulted her for her little

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