What Is the Role of the Employee in Self-Development? Essay

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Role of an employee in a Self-development is directed related to the will of the Department or agencies to have professionals, highly educated and trained professional working for them. A fewer agencies, departments or business will leave the employee by himself, without the necessary support to grown professionaly

Some Agencies will leave the process of professional evolution under the motivation and thirst to manage the obstacles of time, and financial support on the hands of the Employee. It will be up to the employee to arrange and plan his professional development, by the way this system of management is an invitation for failure and professional stagnation, due to external factor that will prevent professional to looking for
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The objective and to have employees capable of meeting changing requirements if the Department employees have expectations of life-long learning and take ultimate responsibility for their professional growth and self-development. Supervisors can affect both ending by working with employees to identify training and development needs and by encouraging participation in the continuing educational activities of schools and professional associations. http://www.doi.gov/hrm/pmanager/ed6a.html Continuous Learning is critical to self-development.
The concept of continuous learning for contracting professionals is designed to ensure that, in addition to meeting the minimum statutory requirements for training, education and experience, a mechanism is in place to encourage and promote professional development throughout an entire career. Continuous learning ensures the highest degree of professionalism in the Contracting and Acquisition Career Program; workforce learning must be continuous throughout an individual's career. Professionals should participate in continuous learning activities throughout their careers to maintain currency in their specialties; develop competency in more than one acquisition career field; keep abreast of policies and programs; be exposed to the most advanced management principles and practices in the public and private sectors; pursue

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