What Is The Role Of Friends? Essay

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1. What is the role of friends in adulthood?
Cavanaugh and Blanchard-Fields (2015) state there are identifying stages in adult friendships. These stages include acquaintanceship, buildup, continuation, deterioration, and ending (p. 312). There is research showing how friendship changes during adulthood. When people experience life changes, their friendship with others tend to end and the long term friends they have are contacted less. In adulthood friendships are important. Cavanaugh and Blanchard-Fields (2015) mention that adults find friendships important because it produces satisfaction in the quality of the friendships adults have. Adults who have friends help with life situations. Friends can help each other with losses, death, and retiring. It produces better self-esteem. People are able to cope with difficulties when they have a friend versus being alone. Cavanaugh and Blanchard-Fields (2015) state there are three themes of adult friendships. The first theme is the affective or emotional bias of friendship. This includes expressions, intimacy, trust, and commitment. The second theme is the shared or communal nature of friendship. This refers to friends engaging in activities they all enjoy. The third theme is the sociability and compatibility dimension. This refers to keeping a fun friendship where friends entertain each other.

2. What is elder abuse, neglect and exploitation?
Common categories of abuse, neglect, and exploitation include physical abuse, sexual…

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