What Is The Research Problem Being Investigated? Essay

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What is the research problem being investigated?
The research problem under discussion and investigation in this critique review is an insight into all the factors that are leading to the rise of obesity in the United States of America. The focus of the analysis with respect to an epidemiological perspective is to give a comprehensive review and evaluation onto all the entities causing and circulating the development of the anomaly in body growth and development patterns. These entities may either be independent or dependent in nature. However, there is an existence of similarities between these entities in that they exhibit a state of being variable in quality. These entities include features such as gender of the individuals, their age, and their lifestyles, which are coherent to their level of economic status. The other variable is associated with the ethnicity and racial setting of the victims of obesity.
What is the rationale for studying this problem?

The rationale for the analysis of the problem regarding the significant rise in the obesity levels in the USA is due to the absence of a comprehensive study that focuses on the critical entities of obesity and its development patterns. According to Wang and Beydoun (2007), the studies present have merely attempted to explain the phenomenon, through focusing on a single entity such as the age factor. The review aims to provide a detailed analysis on the development of trends as well as an insight into past and future…

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