What Is The Reflection Of The Criminal Justice Class?

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There has been an abundance of classes that have helped me the most during my college career. Almost all of the criminal justice classes that I have taken have proven to help me. The classes that have been the most helpful were Criminal Justice 202, Criminal Justice 204, and Criminal Justice 345 and Criminal Justice 401. In the fall of 2013 I took Criminal Justice 202 with Paula Broussard. Criminal Justice 202 is a class about Ethics in the Criminal Justice System. I think that this class proved to be the most helpful because my professor taught us about morals and ethics. Morals and ethics are things we should basically live by. Mrs. Broussard taught this class. She made us actually think by placing situational questions on test, and having …show more content…
Delay. This class was Criminal Courts. This class was helpful because I finally learned how the court system worked. This became vital when I began my internship. As an assignment, Mr. Delay had his students attend city, district and federal court for a certain amount of hours. This was helpful because I was able to see hoe each court system operates, and how each person inside the courtroom has a certain role. Mr. Delay had us answer questions and write a paper on what we witnessed in court. This was quite helpful because I learned how to identify all individuals in the courtroom. Through lectures and tests, I learned how an individual becomes a defense attorney, judge, and prosecutor. I also learned all of their duets. When I started my internship I already had a full understand on how the courtroom work. I was able to feel comfortable when I observed drug court with my direct …show more content…
I actually enjoy this class. It is very interesting. This class focuses on this allows be to think outside of my normal box. Restorative Justice has become a new approach deter crime. Many countries around the world are adopting restorative justice systems. Restorative justice is used to prevent the effects and causes of crime. Restorative Justice is used to repair the harm caused by the offender. It involves the participation of all parties, the victim, offender, and the community. Instead of focusing on punishing the offender, restorative justice focuses on finding solutions to repair harm and promote harmony. Dr. Stearns made the class in a way that we as students were teaching ourselves Restorative Justice Concepts. We have to choose two films we watched in class and had to write two papers over. The papers were very easy. They were to be consisted of two 750-word papers on two films shown in class. We had to summarize the film in less than one page. The following page, we had to address how does the film’s story relate to restorative justice principles, processes, or

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