What Is The Reason Behind Human Action? Essay

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“What is the reason behind human action?” This is one of the questions that does not have a definite answer. It is a philosophical question that really gets you to think. As our curiosity develops, we seek to find the answers. There are myths, parables, and many more to help make sense of the world we live in and our identity, but these are not enough to explain something truly complicated. How do we achieve the answer? The only thing certain is that, we can only achieve an answer to these questions using our beliefs. We should use the information that we discover about ourselves, our world, others, and even God to define our identity; sometimes, these information and beliefs that do not even agree with each other. More often than not, since people vary from each other, the beliefs that we have also vary.
Before discussing the reason behind human action, I must define what I think a human is. Human identity is composed of their physical body, their mind/soul, and their experiences. The body is what contains our being and carries out our actions. The mind and soul is the core of our identity. It is the one that “comes up” with the decisions that we must make. Our mind contains our thoughts and feelings and emotions. And lastly, our experiences help develop our identity as we grow older. It helps mold our character to make better actions and decisions. Therefore, there are many aspects in what makes us human.
There had been various different explanations from scholars,…

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