Graphic Design In Society

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Everything has been designed. Buildings, cars, appliances, clothes—graphic design is everywhere. Although we may not think about it, graphic design is very important and plays a big part in the success of our society as a whole. We would not be as advanced as we are today without graphic design. It is always changing, starting with ideas from the past, modifying and improving them to meet the current needs of the present, all while preparing for the future. The one thing that never changes about graphic design is it’s sole purpose: to communicate an idea, an emotion, or a picture to the viewer. What the viewer interprets and takes away from the piece is the real beauty of graphic design because while the designer may create a piece dedicated …show more content…
Her famous poster entitled “Brainwashing” illustrates the effects of media on our minds through the simple drawing of a human, a brain, and a washboard. The idea is that the media, represented by the washboard, shaves off brain cells as we partake in being entertained by it. This poster really spoke to me because the media is something that is highly controversial among my generation; more and more people are watching television, participating in social media, reading magazines, playing video games—and they’re all starting to partake in all of this at an age where they don’t fully understand what it all means. For young girls, watching “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” gives them the idea that all girls need to look and act foolishly, brainwashing them into believing that large breasts and partaking in idiotic stunts on national television is acceptable. For young boys, playing violent video games like Grand Theft Auto gives them the impression that stealing cars and breaking rules is the key to being “cool.” This is what I thought of when I saw Lukova’s famous poster for the first time. Her metaphorical sketch really made me think about the effect of the media on the brains of our

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