Argumentative Essay Healthcare

Imagine not having worrying about getting sick and the expenses of going to the doctor. This is a reality in many major counties throughout the world. Most major industrialized countries have universal affordable healthcare guaranteed to every citizen as a right. Citizens in these countries do not have to worry about getting sick and not being able to afford to go to the doctor. However, this is not the case in the United States. Just seven years ago, citizens in the United States would be denied health insurance if they had a preexisting condition. While health care has seen massive improvements in recent years, it still is not where it should be. Currently, United States healthcare is run by health insurance giants who are trying to make as much profit as possible. Why should …show more content…
In theory this sounds great. However, there are many issues with this system in the United States. This system of of healthcare has led to great care, for those who can afford it. For people who have enough money, they can travel and inquire many different companies to find the greatest health care and get the exact treatments they need. While that is great, the majority of Americans do no have the money to pay for these high end treatments and healthcare, so they end up buying health insurance from the limited choices they have in their area. According to Joseph Sirgy in his entry in the Journal Of Business Ethics, poor people receive worse healthcare than rich people on 12 out of 13 core measures of quality care. That renders the argument of the current healthcare system baseless since the only people benefiting from the healthcare competition are those with a lot of money. Once again, what is the point of having the greatest health care in the world when no one can afford

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