What Is The Pros And Cons Of Health Care

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Imagine not having worrying about getting sick and the expenses of going to the doctor. This is a reality in many major counties throughout the world. Most major industrialized countries have universal affordable healthcare guaranteed to every citizen as a right. Citizens in these countries do not have to worry about getting sick and not being able to afford to go to the doctor. However, this is not the case in the United States. Just seven years ago, citizens in the United States would be denied health insurance if they had a preexisting condition. While health care has seen massive improvements in recent years, it still is not where it should be. Currently, United States healthcare is run by health insurance giants who are trying to make …show more content…
That is the unfair and unethical reality in terms of healthcare in the United States. Americans are spending by far the largest amount of money for healthcare in the world. Sure, the United States may have the greatest healthcare in the world, but only for the richest people. Average Americans do not get the greatest healthcare in the world. The idea of insurance companies and other healthcare based companies competing against each other in theory should make the United States have amazing costs and service in terms of healthcare, but the reality is that this is not true. These companies instead have become focused on nothing but profit instead of actually helping Americans take care of their health, resulting in one of the worst healthcare systems in any modern industrial country. The future of healthcare does seem to be getting brighter though with vast improvements from the Affordable Care Act such as expanding medicaid, guaranteeing coverage to people with preexisting conditions, along with many other thing. Although the Affordable Care Act has fixed many issues, the root of all the problems in American healthcare has yet to be taken on. Profit motive. Until sweeping healthcare reform that tackles profit motive, the United States citizens will continue to pay the largest amount for healthcare. They will still have to shop for insurance plans and possibly be uninsured and they will still pay the largest amount of money for prescription drugs. American healthcare, great in theory, unfair and unethical in practice, and will not be fixed until a medicare for all system that eliminates profit motive in the healthcare industry is

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