Essay on What Is The Priority?

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What is the priority?
My chosen priority addressed in this research essay will focus on diverse-learners and in particular students for whom English is an additional-language or dialect (EAL/D-learners), as they form a significant group in Victorian-government-schools and represent 13 per cent of all students, according to Victoria-State-Government. Department of Education and Training (DET) in Victoria focuses on diversity by recognising that ‘Every Victorian student is unique, bringing a diversity of experiences, values, talents, attitudes, abilities, aspirations and needs.’ Through this research essay, I aim to develop my knowledge and understanding of EAL learner needs in educational context and its recognition in various key driver policies such as Melbourne-Declaration and other curriculum documents that have led to this priority. By accounting that students even in the EAL category can be classified into a diverse group consisting of different ages, at different stages of learning English, from differing first-language backgrounds and with varying amounts of education in their first language. The aforementioned-curriculum places increasing-implementation in inclusive-ways of learning and teaching by demonstrating respect for all cultures, backgrounds that support all students, thus making learning a richer experience for all students.
Why do you think it has become it has become a national and or global education priority?
Using the English Standards will not be an…

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