What Is The Political And Geographic Factors In Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds?

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In Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds, the National Intelligence Council provides a hypothesis of political and geographic factors that could influence the world in the year 2030. The publication is compiled of four megatrends, game-changers, and potential worlds that make a framework for the future of the world.
The first megatrend is individual empowerment. Individual empowerment will rise due to a minimization of poverty and an increase of middle-class citizens. Individuals will have more access than ever to new technologies and communication methods, but have the power to initiate colossal amounts of violence. The second megatrend is diffusion of power. Power will shift toward Asia with China having the largest economy in the world.
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The alternative world of Stalled Engines is the worst alternative world. The potential for conflict mirroring the size of the world wars is possible. The US and Europe would focus on themselves leaving the rest of the world in chaos and recession. The alternative world Fusion is the best possible alternative world. The US, China, and Europe would come together and promote international collaboration. Also in this scenario, all aspects of living would be more prosperous. Economies would rise, per capita would rise, and new technologies would emerge. The alternative world Gini out-of-the-bottle is a world of polar opposites. The US would achieve energy independence and would cease to police global issues. The economy would not be really good or bad and the possibility of conflict would increase. Some countries will rise and prosper while others will fail. The alternative nonstate world would feature nonstate players controlling and leading the globe. Authoritarian and democratic countries would find it difficult to accommodate the hybrid governance. The alternative world is very rocky and could lead to security threats or even extreme

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