Police Officer Duties

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I chose to evaluate and study chapter six because it discusses the overall job of police officers, but it also contradicts several ideas people have about the actual job of a police officer due to false perceptions through media. This chapter also discusses many different plans that have been put into action in order to cut down on crime, but also be cost effective. This chapter explains how the size of the department can change the most effective way to approach crime in that area. It also explains options departments have to try to deter crime, such as drugs. Police officers can patrol known areas of drug usage, but they can also work intelligence in that area to give them additional information. This chapter gives a detail description …show more content…
The media likes to make it seem that officer’s deal with serious crime such as, murder and drug trafficking much more often than they actually do. According to the yearly UCR, officers arrest approximately two people a month, and one felony arrest a year. These statistics verify that a police offers role is much less exciting on a daily basis. A police officers job consists of more non-crime related responsibilities. Most citizens come into contact with police officers during traffic …show more content…
Patrol officers jobs are very difficult, because they have to be capable of quickly and effectively responding to different situations that typically varying in risk. Patrol officers are taught to handle most situations, but when extremely difficult or high risk situations arise the SWAT team will come in and the patrol officer will then assist. Through keeping the peace in their area, police can make citizens feel safe and prevent small issues from escalating. Certain programs and policies are in place within government systems to help assist officers and other police officials, but they are being updated often. Some jurisdictions are using proactive policing. This form of policing is used to prevent issues from becoming more serious, but it is often referred as an aggressive approach to policing. Officers do not wait on calls, they are instead policing high crime areas and making arrests to deter people from criminal activity. Patrol officers also use another form of policing called, broken window model. This model targets low income areas, areas with vacant lots, areas with gangs roaming the streets, and prostitution. The broken window model tries to prevent crime before it occurs by being visual in those areas, but also by making citizens feel safe in their neighborhoods. Officers and government officials are always looking for tools to

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