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Abortion is probably one of the biggest and hottest issues debated by both lefts and rights today. Pro-lifers taking the stance that it is a sin and against what the bible says. And the people who are pro-choice taking the stance that it is the women’s choice to abort her baby or not. Pro-lifers and those who are pro-choice opinions are on totally opposite sides of the spectrum. Both sides make good arguments, but only one can be right. I believe that pro-choice has a more just argument.

A fetus may be a human, but that doesn 't mean it is a person. A person has rights and there is no reason to think that personhood status comes at conception. In all reality, the fetus is a human, and we recognize this, but just because the fetus has a heart
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It is the mother that has to deal with the pain of carrying that fetus for 9 months. Then, after the fetus is born, she will be its caretaker for the next 18 years. I believe that all women should have the right to choose whether or not they want to go through that. This question is not even one that people should be asking. This is the woman 's life, she can do with it what she wants and if getting an abortion is right for her, then the rest of the world needs to be ok with …show more content…
The way to think about abortion is not getting rid a fetus, but protecting rights of the mother. If we could find a way to allow both the fetus and the mother get want, that would be ideal for everyone. Right now it is not fair to allow a mother to carry a baby that is unwanted. That baby will be born into a family in a world that he or she is unwanted and that would just be unfair for the child. They would be very likely to suffer and destine for a life of hardship. Right now, abortion is a necessary evil, that one day maybe we will be able to find a way around it, but for now it is simply something that has to be done. Many Pro-lifers believe that abortion is a sin. But it really depends on your definition of sin. I looked up the meaning of the word "sin" and here was the answer I got "Any reprehensible or regrettable action, behavior, lapse, etc." This definition states that the word "sin" is a definition relying on ones interpretation of the word itself. Therefor, if someone tells you that it is a sin to get rid of a fetus, that is simply how there are interpreting the word sin and it could be different for

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