Skiffle Music History

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These four men “literally” changed the world we live in today. Their music is still being played till this day. If a band can still do that, they have done something right.
The Beatles are made out of four men. John Lennon (Oct 9 1940 – Dec 9 1980) Paul McCartney (Jun 18 1942), George Harrison (Feb 23 1943 – Nov 29 2001), and Richard Starkey (Jul 7 1940) all hailed from the great city of Liverpool. The band originally started as The Quarrymen. They were a local founded by John and his friends. A local hometown band playing gigs at parties, school and other events. Skiffle music was what they played. A combination of jazz, blues, roots and folk music combined into one. Eventually, new band members came along. Paul , who was musically inclined
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They were trying to build a fan base, which got created with getting gigs in Germany. After they got their taste in fame in another country, they decided to come back to their hometown. While back in England they met Brian Epstein, who owned a record store in Liverpool. Interested in this new band and seeing their potential. Brian became the manager for The Beatles. With hopes of getting a record deal, Epstein came through with an audition with George Martin at Parlophone records. He was impressed by their sound, so he decided to take them in. George was a fan of all except Pete Best. No drummer on the band they hand to find one as soon as possible. The name was Ringo Starr, a drummer who left his band “Rory and the Hurricanes” to join The Beatles
The reason why the rose to fame wasn’t only because of their music, it was how they rocked their style. Their suits and the hair, made them recognizable everywhere around the world. They were making hits, touring across country, ending up on talk shows for interviews. They have finally reached the
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With catchy and deep lyrics to crazy and soothing guitar sounds. Top the charts in the UK and the United States. Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, which also top the charts, also one of their best selling albums. This album was filled with creativity from start to finish. With the crazy outfits they wore on the cover, with clues in the cover art and how each song transitioned perfectly. They sounded much older and experienced with this album. The White Album, one of their best albums before they would eventually break up. This album had a political type feel to it. Lyrics about what was going on in the world during that time. Positive

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