Mass Media Violence

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Over the decades, the most noticeable event in the social atmosphere is the overabundance of mass media. In this new atmosphere, radio, television, movies, videos, video games, and computer networks have presumed vital roles in our daily lives and has led to consumers to believe that the media has a very powerful influence on mental and physical behavior. Unfortunately, the consequences of one specific component of the mass media exposure has largely negative effects on viewers’ and others’ health. The search for a connection between violence portrayed in the media and actual violent behavior has been the objective of a wide range of mental and criminology research projects. Throughout the world, it has aroused concerns about its potentially …show more content…
According to the authors of the journal “Television Violence and Aggression,” about two-thirds of Americans have agreed with the statement there is “too much violence” on television (p.3). The article also indicates that with how the rate of violent crime continues to rise and with the appearance of television in most homes, it should not be surprising how television has become their stooge. I agreed with the article when it made the statement that by watching televised violence, you learn how to engage in violent behavior and with scenes being so gruesome and horrid, it is realistically portrayed to consumers that violence is the only way. After a survey given to a sample of 130 undergraduate students, the study concludes that there is a correlation between an individual 's self reported exposure and perception to television violence and perceived …show more content…
Concerns of video game usage has strong public health implications for a number of reasons; but the obvious reason is that children are spending an increasingly large amount of time playing video games, most of which contain violence. Children spend 4 or more hours playing games than watching television and Krcmar & Lachlan (2009) have even argued, “video game play is likely to cause an even greater increase in aggression than exposure to television violence” (p.1-2).
One of the reasons this could be true is while television is viewed as an inactive experience, video games act as a “potential mediating variable” amongst game play and unreceptive effects (Krcmar & Lachlan, 2009, p.2). According to the article, violent video games often have a tendency to reward gamers for doing bad things, leading to the theory that violent content in videogames deteriorates the minds of players, especially children, and forms a new understanding to real-world violence. This new understanding that violence is the only productive way to get what you need and want shows signs of increase aggression, but a decrease in empathy. They feel confused and disoriented about what is write and what is wrong, which leads to much chaos to

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