What Is the Most Important Lesson to Learn Form Interpersonal Relationship Side of Steve Jobs?What Is the Most Important Lesson to Learn Form Interpersonal Relatwhationship Side of Steve Jobs?

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Joanna Laning
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Topic 1. What is the most important lesson to learn form interpersonal relationship side of Steve Jobs?

“Connecting the dots, love and death”

Inspiration has always been a multifaceted and complex phenomenon. Renaissance artists and creators were “touched” by God, on the other hand, Hippie movement of the late sixties and early seventies sought for enlightenment in LSD and marijuana. What is it today that drives our inspiration? Is it embracing different cultures, practicing exclusive sports or spiritually based rituals, or is it embracing a confident and self-centered attitude mixed with the essence of self-development in a broad scope of life. Or perhaps, is
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Jobs’ primary focus is not on solid, loyal, based on mutual respect relationships with individuals, but rather interacting with masses. His products and inventions are universal, reaching diverse target markets regardless of age, race, gender, status or religion. His interactions with loved ones as well as coworkers undergo many turbulences. He was a rollercoaster of emotions. If anybody from his Apple team impressed him, it was a blessing. However, when disappointment came in, you were cursed. Working with Steve Jobs was like a blessing and curse at the same time. He was a man whose “thoughts” were different, oscillating on the borders of technology and humanities. They were always taken for an adventurous journey to the undiscovered platforms of mankind needs. Jobs had a sophisticated game plan how to take a product or his company to the next level. His visions and precise approach were supported by rational and essential business decisions like producing at lower cost, which Steve Wozniak had no idea about and would be giving out his inventions for free. In another situation, Jobs supported Bill Gates’ point of view about compensating software creators. This interaction with his lifetime competitor made a significant milestone in creating

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