What Is The Memories Of My Childhood Essay

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Though her grief was controlled and nothing extreme, my parents had to explain things like death and sadness to me. I have a few earlier memories, but one of the most vivid memories I have from this time was her funeral and seeing my grandmother and her sister’s six sons cry. Shortly, after this I experienced my first and only major surgery, which was the removal of my tonsils and adenoids. I used to get strep throat really bad, and was constantly getting some sort of throat infection. The only thing I can remember is going to sleep in the hospital and then waking up and deliriously going home to eat ice cream. My dad bought me new Barbie dolls and I was completely content. Middle childhood was a time of drastic growth for me physically. I grew tall fairly quickly and …show more content…
I was always at the top of my class and received many awards. I easily developed and understood how to apply logical operations. I am also semi-bilingual at this age, as my grandparents have taught me quite a bit of Spanish. Learning and academics came easy for me and I never had a problem or needed much help with homework. I was advanced in both reading and math early on and was considered for being pushed up a grade. My mother thought I would be too young for this though. At this age I was confident in my academic abilities and was comfortable making friends. I would have been described as having high self-esteem and a positive self-concept. I also made it a point to make friends with students in my class that would have been deemed outcasts. I was also inclusive in my social groups and general enjoyed the company of others. Though I got along well with most students in my classes I had only a few close friends. Two of which were in my class, while my closest friend was a girl who would visit her grandmother that lived next door to me. We enjoyed playing video games and engaged in social play with stuffed animals and

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