What Is The Life Of My Life

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Chapter One
I am Jeff, and I am eighty-three years old. I was born on December 17th, 1932 in Conroe Texas. I was born into a loving family. When my parents were younger, they lived around each other in the same neighborhood and went to the same school. They started dating their last year of high school and ended up getting married at 19 years old. Together they had a son, who is older than me, then I came along, then they had three daughters after me. That makes 5 of us. My siblings and I grew up close to each other. Unfortunately, my older brother and one of my sisters have passed away. My dad was in the military and fought in World War II at the age of 20. He participated in the Calvary, which he was very proud of. For his job, he worked
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For being eighty-three and comparing myself to friends my age, I am very healthy at this stage in my life. My previous medical conditions have been very minimal. In nineteen seventy-six, I had to have surgery for a hiatal hernia repair. That has been my only surgery. Before the surgery, I was having acid reflux that burned really bad. I could not even sleep lying flat because the reflux would wake me up or cause me to not be able to fall asleep. After this went on for a while, I decided to go to the doctor. That is when they discovered the hernia. After the surgery, I have not had any more symptoms that I experienced before the surgery. I also have high blood pressure, and I used to take medicine for it but the doctors have told me that the medicine is not really needed now because of my diet and exercise being so good. I guess I am good at keeping it under control. I check it every day to make sure that it is not high or low. My favorite foods are chicken, spinach and greens. I eat greens every day, and I really enjoy them. I grow them in my garden that is pretty big. I have been gardening my whole life and I am very good at it if you ask me. I also used to walk around the neighborhood every day, but my vision is so bad that I cannot do that anymore. Recently, I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration. This happened about a year ago. This has stopped me from enjoying things that I love, like …show more content…
My children also do not let me drive because of my eyes, so they take turns to bring me wherever I need to go. My children take good care of me. They always come to my house to visit me and check up on me. Since I am divorced and my ex-wife has passed away, I am their only parent left. I also have a good friend that I spend a lot of my time with; she also brings me places with her. To deal with my Macular Degeneration, I have had to get magnifying equipment to see simple things. Sometimes, I cannot even tell who some of my family members are because it is so hard to see them. This is very hard for me because family is important to me. I have had to move some furniture in my house in order to get around easier. I used to trip on some of the smaller furniture because I could not see them very well. For all of my presents that I get for my birthday or Christmas, my family gets me oversized things that I am able to see. Some examples of these are oversized remotes for the TV, oversized wall clocks, and big magnifying glasses. The eye doctor has not given me any medicine for this, he says that it is not really necessary and it cannot be cured. I do wear prescription glasses all of the time to help with my vision. I try the best I can to live a normal healthy life though. I believe that diet and exercise is key to good health. I remember when we were kids, we could not afford very

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