Persuasive Essay On Gay Marriage

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Each of us always wants to love and be loved. However, sometimes the Creator born people without giving them the right to choose the gender as they want. We always think that love is a combination of man and woman. However, today, love exists between the same sex. They also have the desire as usual, there is a longing for home and family. However, the law and public opinion they are not wanted. That is why a new bill should be enacted to legalize same-sex marriage across the United States. • In our subconscious, marriage is one of the goals of life. Besides education and career, the journey to success, everyone is trying to find a perfect love and marriage satisfactory. Because marriage also serves as the catalyst for all other relationships. …show more content…
• Previously, the tradition still wary when talking about gay issues and gay marriage, the right day, the issue of gay received sympathy and encouragement from the mass media. The dahoat active in equal rights for homosexuals were the newspapers, TV channels reported regularly in an effort to call for the support of lawmakers and the public. • Legalization of gay marriage is something urgent. We want to create a fair society in all respects. That is, the gay and not gay people should have equal rights. • Legalization of gay marriage has many benefits. One of them is to create a balance in the taxpayer • If gay marriage is legalized nationwide, gay couples to marry does not need to take pains to state which allows them to marry. Thus, the number of gay couples to marry in the state that will increase mutation creates an imbalance in the ratio of gay marriage in the state compared to the rest state. • There will be lots of people who oppose gay marriage because they think that this goes against the laws of nature and gender imbalance in society. They think that society wants to develop a balanced and comprehensive need to remove the misconception with tradition, it is the notion of gay

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