What Is The Kennedy Assassination Essay

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The Kennedy Assassination
November 22, 1963. This should just be a random date in history but instead it now has such a huge meaning to every American. This is the day that President John F. Kennedy was viciously shot, and killed. President Kennedy was riding through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas starting his campaign when he was all of a sudden shot and later died.(“Death Of The President”, 2016)
This campaign that President Kennedy was just beginning was a campaign of re election, and this was a campaign of great certainty as well. This man was a very respected and well loved leader of our nation during his time as Commander in Chief.(“Death Of The President”, 2016) Kennedy began to travel west at the end of September to not only try and
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Immediately after words he slumped over towards his wife. President John F. Kennedy was dead.(“Death Of The President”, 2016) The car would speed off to the nearest hospital which was conveniently just a short few minutes away but nothing could really be done for the man. The wounds were just too much to fix.(“Death Of The President”, 2016) Also shot during this successful assassination attempt was Governor of Texas John Connally.(“The Other Victims of The JFK Assassination”, 2016) The Texas governor would be treated at the hospital in which they tried to save Kennedy and although he was very severely wounded he would …show more content…
Every American could tell you every detail about that day from the time the attack first started, to the time they went to bed that night. This is the defining day in the 21st century as it has changed so much about the way we all live our lives. Rebecca Hoover is no exception to that thinking, as she was very much alive during this day. Rebecca was at work at Matrix Publishing Services when she heard on the “Howard Stern Show” that a plane had struck and destroyed the Twin Towers up in New York. Her first thought wasn 't for her safety, but for her son’s safety. That son was at preschool at the time and she had no choice but sit there and worry since that kid’s father and her weren’t exactly on “speaking” terms.(R. Hoover, Personal

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