Finnick's Reflective Essay: The Hunger Games

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The visual image that was presented on the expensive electronic device blurred softly in the lavish apartment. Its subtle sound dismantled through the silence. The television presented an irritating soap opera that was adored by the Capitol. Finnick knew that his latest client lived a life filled with luxury. Her artificial raspberry colored hair was so red it could be passed off as blood. It was styled like a bird cage and appeared luminous in the dimly lit apartment. It was well known throughout the Capitol that the more obnoxious your hairstyle was the more respected you were in the social ranks as Finnick liked to put it himself.
Finnick felt a dull pain begin to penetrate his skull. His eyes felt like they were burning and he rubbed them with the palm of hand to stop
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The emotion that has filled his being for the past ten years after being declared the victor of the 65th Hunger Games. Any other emotion he presented was just used as a fabrication to please the Capitol and to ensure that Finnick’s artificial smile could maintain peace in all of Panem. Oh, how they were …show more content…
He hadn’t seen her for a few months now and it caused the greatest feeling of guilt imaginable, that he couldn’t protect the beautiful girl from the evils of the world surrounding them. Anne wasn’t mad, she was just too pure Finnick thought. She was too pure for this world and for the horrors that she had witnessed in the games. Without realizing it Finnick began to scratch his arm, not enough to cause great pain, but enough to bring the prickles of blood to flow to the surface of his skin. He didn’t have the comforts of his rope, and this is the only other way he can cope with the feeling of guilt he experienced that so repetitively crashed down on him. He had to stop though. He didn’t want to produce enough blood that would make a mess of the apartment; God knows Snow would have his head off if he got a drop of blood on the

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