What Is The Importance Of Sexual Education In High School

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Sexual Education Should sexual education be taught in high schools? It may come to surprise that many high school students are unaware of sexual education because they were never informed. In most cases parents do not know how to address the topic of sex. Teens and parents believe that the discussion of sex is uncomfortable to address. As a result, high school students who are not educated in sexual education are more likely to become sexually active because they are not informed of the consequences. If schools provided the proper education for high school students then teen pregnancies, HIV/AIDS, and abortions would decrease. High school students should become educated in school about pertinent topics such as birth control, sex education, …show more content…
Teens and parents in some cases feel uncomfortable having the discussion on sexual education. Schools should help facilitate an open dialogue in order to lessen any discomfort surrounding the topic of sex that a teen or parent may have. Sexual education can play a vital role in informing students in such matters as; pregnancies, birth control, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual violence, abortion, and planned parenthood. Students would become more educated on the subject of sexual education when taught about it in school as part of the general educational requirements mandated by the school administration. Not only will sexual education and the information that it provides have a profound effect on students during their high school years, it will also have lasting benefits in the students’ future. If sexual education was taught in every high school, then there would be reductions in teen pregnancy rates, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual violence, and teens would feel empowered to take advantage of the resources healthcare facilities have provided them …show more content…
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