Argument Essay: The Role Of Money In Public High School

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In my family, we try not worry about whether money will affect our ability to do something that is important to us and that is reasonable. We took this approach around the time I entered high school. We were choosing between a $16,000 dollar a year private school and your standard free public high school. Our main dilemma was my family was going to be sending two of us to high school so if we were to go private all the costs would double. My family couldn’t afford to pay $32,000 dollars a year for school plus about $2,000 for books on top other expenses they already had. The school offered us financial aid, but we still couldn’t afford it. So we said no and we were going to go to a local public high school. Apparently the school wanted us so they were willing …show more content…
Roman Krznaric says, “We have confused the good life with a life of goods” (2011, 122). According to Krznaric money has led us to think the only way to have a good life is to buy nice things and make ourselves look wealthy. Money has clouded our view of what a good life actually is. In a study by Princeton it says, “Beyond ∼$75,000 in the contemporary United States, however, higher income is neither the road to experienced happiness nor the road to the relief of unhappiness or stress, although higher income continues to improve individuals’ life evaluations. Below $75,000, many factors become gradually worse, at least on average” (Kahneman and Deaton, 2010, 3). A person cannot get any happier once they are making more than $75,000. This study shows that money isn’t that important once you get past a certain threshold. This study argues that money is only important to a certain number and once you get past that number it is no longer important because it won’t do anything to improve your happiness. The Princeton Study and Krznaric both believe that money isn’t that important to someone’s

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