The Importance Of Culturally Responsive Learning

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A few years ago, I was in a classroom in a school district that group the students for reading in a homogeneous group. I would see the students going to different parts of the room to their groups. That day the teacher was working with the more advance students in a reading assignment in a book. I was there to do an observation for one of my classes, so I was to sit in the back and observe. I notice that the students that was group in the lower group was having trouble reading and the other ones in the group really couldn’t help and they all would just skip parts they didn’t understand. How was this learning process beneficial to these students? Then when the students talk about what groups they were in, I notice that they would say a student’s …show more content…
I believe every student brings something to the classroom. Students placed in an environment where they are support and have someone supporting them and believe in them can make a difference in their learning. I believe that the heterogeneous grouping is the best teaching. The students are group and not buy their current ability. This in itself will help the student’s self-esteem from not being labeled for being in a particular group. The CRT would become a great learning for these types of students. Example would be, if you have 2 first graders that don’t speak English very good and you place them in a homogeneous group with both of the English learners and another student don’t talk this would be a group that was step up to fail in the beginning. The English Learner and student that don’t all need to be in groups where they can learn from other students and can bring their greatest strength into the assignment. The student that don’t talk but have a very creative mind and can draw express her ideas on paper. This is why I believe in grouping the students in a heterogeneous group. The move advance students can lead to be teachers and assist the other students. They would also learn to work with other students and not complete the task on their own. Don’t get me wrong, I do also think there are times that you can group the students with their abilities but do it in a non-noticeable way in the classroom and not all the time. I understand that you need to make sure all children are advancing in the classroom. I just feel that if you have to teach and students feel like they are grouped a certain way they have some self-esteem issues in the school year. I think all students have some potential to bring to the

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