Why Are Homework Important Essay

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Everyday millions of student go to school seeking a good education. But a good education cannot always be attained when you are sent home with hours of homework each night, making it harder and harder to keep up with extracurricular activities, friends and family. Education systems should not assign homework because students can learn without having the burden of extra schoolwork that is to be completed at home. To solve the problem of having an unnecessary abundance of homework, there are several things that I will be covering to prove that homework isn’t necessary in the educational systems. First I will explain why schools have homework. Second, I will explain if those reasons are actually important. Third we will cover how to eliminate …show more content…
We have already talked about lengthening school hours to let teachers conduct lessons more thoroughly. Another way to shorten or get rid of homework is to ban busy work. Teachers shouldn’t make students do pointless busy work that doesn’t help the students learn material. If a teacher must give homework, then Harris Cooper, a Duke professor says “to give students no more than 10 to 15 minutes a night”. This makes it easy for students to finish, but still gives them the opporutnity to learn and review material. Making sure teachers don’t give busy work is important to the educational system because students will be more motivated to finish classwork and they will look forward to learning. This puts students and teachers in an easier state of mind, and helps everyone excel during school. Another way to get rid of homework is looking at the practicality of homework. If school days were longer students could practice during class and not have to do it at home. When students graduate high school, and even going into college they are assigned mass amounts of work to complete. When students go into an occupation later in life, they do not have homework to complete. They must work during hours and efficiently get things done. That is what we should teach students to do instead of taking extra work home, and having to complete it on their own time. This teaches students the value of work

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