Essay on What Is The Healthiest Diet?

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What is the healthiest diet?
Mainstream lifestyle diets have become increasingly hyped during the twenty first century. With increased cultural fixations and awareness of one’s overall health and effects of how one’s diet may have towards the environment, many people have converted or are planning to convert to diets such as the paleo, vegan, Mediterranean, vegetarian, or pescetarian diet. However, are all, if any, of these praised diets as healthy as people say they are, or are they causing more harm than good to one’s health? In the course of my research on the numerous types of diets, I have found that all diets have their pros and cons, however the vegan diet, despite some of its possible minor risks, surpasses all other diets deemed as “healthy”. Although there are numerous mainstream diets, every diet has its own risks and setbacks; the vegan diet possesses the most viable option in order to live a longer and healthier life.
In 2009, the American Dietetic Association (A.D.A) published an updated paper on their position on vegetarian and vegan diets and confirmed its support of them. Although to some this may not seem very relevant, it is since the connections between the A.D.A and the animal industry are well known. The A.D.A concluded that well-planned vegetarian diets – including vegan diets – are healthful and nutriful to infants ranging to adults, and can even help prevent and treat certain diseases (Andrews University). The vegan diet is a plant-based diet…

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