My Writing Experience

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Signing up for the class “Essay Writing” was not the happiest moment of my life. I was anxious and apprehensive. I felt an insane amount of dread. I did not always feel this way when it came to writing. My relationship with writing can be described as complex. It is full of valleys and peaks. At the start of this class, I would have never guessed that two months later I would have an “aha moment” as Oprah Winfrey calls it. The one thing that I know for sure is that literacy has shaped who I am. Literacy has made me more introspective, has helped me develop friendships, and has helped me realize that learning is a never-ending experience. Writing is still a major challenge to me, but it is a challenge that I embrace. Literacy has impacted me …show more content…
When I went to college, I expected to make the same grades as I did in high school when it came to writing. I was wrong. In college, I realized that I am a lazy and selfish writer. I love freewriting and I love writing for myself. However I never took the time to learn the elements of writing, especially after losing the writing competition. In fact, I hated the elements of writing. It included too many rules, such as style, diction, grammar, point of view, etc. Looking back, it amazes me that I did well on writing assignments back in high school. Once I began to attend college I knew that I had a lot of work to do in order to become a strong and effective writer. When it comes to writing, I am constantly challenged. First, grammar and punctuation is not easy for me. I am always wondering if I am using the correct punctuation tools, if I am spelling words the right way, and if there is a way that I can improve my vocabulary. I also struggle with clarity. I am so used to writing introspectively that I forget to remember that I am telling the story and not everyone knows all the details. Next, I struggle with writing in the correct point of view. I get so wrapped up in my writing sometimes that I will switch my point of view and confuse the readers of my papers. Lastly, my biggest challenge with writing is letting go and remembering that it is not as hard as I am making it seem. Whenever I am writing for school I am always stressing myself out because I am constantly wondering if my writing is good

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