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Technology has become so deeply implemented into our daily lives today that we cannot live without our precious devices. With all of technology’s innovative contributions including the internet, social media and smartphones, it has no doubt won us over. We have given in way too much and have become this artificial society that has socially lost touch of the world through the technology we utilize. In the process, we have totally cut ourselves off from our natural world and have ignorantly taken cover behind these revolutionary technologies. This advertisement depicts how we have disconnected ourselves from the social world through over usage of technology by showing us what we have become and ultimately warns us about the direction we
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Today, we see technology utilized as tools in almost every single field imaginable. While this use of technology is extremely justifiable, the excessive leisure usage done by most Americans now is not. We should be cautious about how we abuse present and upcoming technologies. Our excessive usage is exacerbated by our tendency to focus on anticipating the next big leap in technology. We must realize that excessively using technology has become a bad habit we have created in only a few years’ time. The ad calls attention to how we are disconnecting from the social world we once knew. This ad attempts to captivate viewers with a concept that Medina provides,“...information is remembered best when it is elaborate, meaningful, and contextual” (Medina). While the ad may not be elaborate, it is definitely contextual in its warnings and symbols and has a strong and meaningful message behind it urging us to socially interact correctly. It sarcastically states, “Partake in human interactions” meaning one does not authentically do so when on social media or using technology to socialize or interact with the world. The advertisement aims to insult what …show more content…
The problem is perpetuated as the youth of each generation are continuously exposed to these technologies at such an early age (Miller). This exposure to tech at an early age As shown in the ad, we have all become blind looking at our phones and falling into the problem of disconnection. Mobile devices combined with social media harm our social interactions with everything around us. Jim Taylor expresses this disconnection and missing sensation when he describes, “Life is moving something other than my fingers, and experiencing the world with all of my senses, not just with my eyes and ears” (Taylor). Taylor elaborates on these limitations set by technology and compares it to what it should be like, without the devices playing a key role (Taylor). Social interaction with the world should be technology-free and require genuine contact directly from one person in order to get true experience. Since social media and mobile devices play a key role, they have increased the pressure upon social interactions and have created this unnecessary desire to seem perfect. Columnist Rogette Harris noticed this after she thoroughly analyzed the film “Disconnect” (Harris). Harris states her conclusion, “We spend too much time isolating ourselves and disconnecting from the real world in order to maintain the perception of being connected” (Harris). Indeed, being

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