Essay on What Is the Effect of Media Violence on Children

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Yasser Abdelaziz
Ms. Williams
English 1010-18
13, December 2010
The Effect of Media Violence on Children
Although very little research was done on it in the past, media violence has sparked much controversy in recent history. As technology becomes more advanced, new methods of uncovering the media’s effects on children have emerged. Advances in Neuroscience, for example, can become tools to understanding the effects media violence has from a psychological standpoint. The brain in its underpinnings from an MRI scan can suggest whether an individual is scared, aggressive, or desensitized after being exposed to some stimulus, which include TV and Videogame violence. In an article entitled “Media Violence and Social Neuroscience: New
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Violent scenes activated a network of brain regions (e.g., posterior cingulate cortex, hippocampi) involved in processing emotional stimuli, episodic memory retrieval, detecting threats in the environment, memory encoding, and motor programming. This combination of activation in areas linking memory and emotion to motor activation suggests that viewing media violence could integrate existing aggression-related thoughts and feelings, potentially facilitating aggressive behavior by increasing the strength or accessibility of aggressive behavior scripts in memory”(180). A. Symptoms in Children 1. Fear 2. Aggression
Recent research has presented scientists with a model called the General Aggression Model (GAM). Although the model isn’t comprehensive in terms of understanding the effects of media violence, it sheds light on three internal states of aggression: affect, arousal, and cognitive. These determine different forms of aggressive behavior from a theoretical approach. In an article entitled “Media Violence and Social Neuroscience: New Questions and New Opportunities” found in the Current Directions in Psychological

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