Role Of A Duty Of Citizen Essay

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A duty is a moral or legal obligation; a responsibility. They are meant to be upheld by the individuals within a society, and they all differ depending on what the situation is. In the situation of being a United States citizen, there are many duties assigned. Taxes have to be paid, jobs have to be filled, and wars have to be fought. Some of the roles the U.S. Government plays involve creating opportunities and providing protection for citizens. The tasks listed are just few among many but are pertinent to success within the society. One duty of the citizen is to be a productive member of society. The economy is based on the buying and selling of consumer goods. New product cannot be made without the purchase of what already exists. The purchase cannot take place unless there is something there to buy. In other words, one cannot exist without the other. Where does the citizen’s role fall in to place? They are the ones who are buying product. This can only be done with some form of currency. Acquiring currency is done by having a place in the workforce. Not only does money have to be spent on toys, vehicles, clothes, and food, but “you have a responsibility …show more content…
A component also involved is the opportunities the Government should provide in order for currency to be obtained. Years ago the government decided that the “markets should be free from government control.”(ushistory). Then, in the 1930’s, The Great Depression hit and they decided that there just might be a fault in their reasoning. They made programs that provided people with work and helped them manage their money. It took some time, but eventually a stable economy was reformed. The idea of government influence stuck. They still provide jobs, and ways to keep the money, and ways to use the money. Without provisions being made in the way of jobs, the economy would not function as it should, and depression would be the reality for the United

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