What Is The Difference Between Sex And Gender

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The Individual differences; what is the difference between sex and gender? How the latter develop?
In current society it is important to be open and tolerate to be able to understand that in the present life does not appear just sex as man and woman anymore, something new come across called gender. Topic sex and gender is often used, but is it everyone knows the difference? Is it known how to recognise the characteristics features? Today’s society knowns most but still not everything of the term sex, but gender is still discovering by human being. How gender develop? Is it the same way as sex? Weather people have been born with that or can acquire it from the age of puberty? Is it biological or behavioural? The purpose of this
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Is it a part of person’s personal and social identity. Associated with life experience, lifestyle (diet, physical activity, tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs) behaviour and society where people are define as male and female. A person’s gender may refers to dress, their name, mannerisms and also social markers. Gender process shows the influences of behaviour, feelings to other person, thoughts, and as well interactions with individuals. (Deaux & Major, 1987) Additionally according to Unger and Crawford (1992) gender helps to decide the structure of social groups. The distinction between sex and gender objectify a dichotomy between nature and nurture as there is possibility for exception of specific reproductive behaviours, but still it is so difficult to determine if there is bigger influence behaviour by the biological or the social factors. (Money, 1987) Overall people are formed by …show more content…
It is difficult to give a definition of man or woman in gender categorise as many factors has been changed during the time. The big influence can be the place where people been born or grown up, as well culture or believes in which they grow up. Often place where humans lives makes them or change in unique way, it helps them to fit in their society. The look is not just the one difference which makes them different. They way how females and males think, acting, talk, feel, love, even how their brain or body works makes them special and unique and as well sometimes makes difficult to communicate and understand each other, but not always as cross-cultural study done by Mead.M has showed that gender separate us from our biological sex. Culture has a big influence on gender role. Mead studied tribes of Tchambuli; New Guinea; Arapesh and Mundugumor and her findings showed that each of those tribes varied largely in their behaviour and attitudes. In Arapesh both females and males been observed and reported as very sensitive and supportive for each other (our culture probably will label this as

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