Comparison Essay: On Line Vs. Traditional Classes

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On-line vs. Traditional Classes There are two ways to can get a college degree On-line or traditional classes. On-line is a new thing with in the last 15 years and a class room with the professor in front of the class has always been the way of learning. There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of college courses. The best pick for me would be traditional classes because I learn better with being able to see the professor and be able to ask questions with the professor being in the same room as me. On-line learning can be good for people who are not able to attend a class because of family, work, and or other obligations. This type of learning is best for people who are either going back to school after either a break or people going back to get another degree. With on-line learning the work for the class can be done at any time in the day and or at any place the student chooses. This means students who may have a job or family to take care of they can do the work when they have time for it and or at any place they are at the time. Traditional classes are not as easy to go to for students with family, work and or other obligations. This type of learning is best for student’s right out of high school with a more flexible schedule. With Traditional …show more content…
On-line is better for students with busy lives and good time management. Traditional classes are more for student’s right out of high school and have the ability to go to a class at the assigned time. The best option for me is to stay with traditional learning because being able to ask a professor a question right away is very helpful for me. Another reason it would work for me is I like being able to work with other student and get help from them. Also I like the fact that professors will remind me of assignments due and exams coming up. I will continue to get my college degree with traditional

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