Management And Leadership Analysis

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What is the difference between management and leadership?

In today 's modern world, there is still ongoing debate about "What is the difference between management and leadership?”. There are many articles have been written about this and all of them have various statements. However, there is one comparison in all of them, is that management is not the same as leadership.

According to Kotter (1996) “Management is a set of processes that can keep a complicated system of people and technology running smoothly. The most important aspects of management include planning, budgeting, organising, staffing, controlling, and problem solving. On the other hand, leadership is a set of processes that creates organisations in the first place or adapts them to significantly changing circumstances. Leadership
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Matsushita claimed ‘Big things and little things are my job. Middle level arrangements can be delegated’. In other words, leadership cannot simply delegate management; instead of distinguishing managers from leaders, we should be seeing managers as leaders, and leadership as management practices well (quoted by Mintzberg 2009 p.9).


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