Persuasive Essay On Dogs Vs Cats

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The war between cats and dogs has been a long and hard fought one. These two animals are the most common house pets to this day. Both animals can serve as excellent house pets, but some prefer the company of dogs while others prefer cats. There are things that you have to consider though before you pick a dog or a cat and among them are the cost, attention required by the pet, and benefits of having one or the other. The cost of having a dog and cat is a big financial investment and according to (moneyunder30) “the total first-year cost of owning a dog is $1,270 and for a cat it’s $1,070”. Dogs are usually more expensive than cats because the adoption fee of dogs is a lot more than cats. You would have to spend a lot more money on food for …show more content…
Dogs and cats have been proven to lower blood pressure in stressful situations. Playing with a dog or cat can elevate levels of serotonin and dopamine, which can help you be relaxed and calm. If you have a dog, they can keep you more active and healthy because you’re taking them out for walks or playing fetch with them. Dogs can also help keep you safe at night because, with their keen sense of hearing, they can hear someone that is trying to break into your house and start barking which will deter the burglar from preceding. Owning a dog can help you meet new people because they can be a great social lubricant for their owners. Dog owners are more likely to talk to other owners while walking their dog in the park or taking a hike. In conclusion, cats and dogs both have qualities about them that make them wonderful pets. A dog can help keep you active and protect you at night while you sleep, but require a lot of attention and love. A cat on the other hand doesn’t require a lot of time to take care of. They can groom themselves and don’t have to go outside to use the bathroom. Now that you have some information about cats and dogs which one would you

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