What Is The Definition Of True Success? Essays

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What is the definition of true success? Everyone has his or her own definition of success. For me success is to have earned the appreciation of honest critics also to tolerate the betrayal of deceptive friends and most importantly being self-reliant. Some great writers have their own special thinking about prosperity. For example, Self-Reliance, by Ralph Waldo Emerson suggests each of us needs to be individual and put ourselves before others. However, in Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell, he gives a different meaning of being prosperous. Everyone has their own definition of prosperity, but for me it’s staying fully gratified and financially successful. Emerson focuses on inner well-being for instance keeping yourself pleased, and to have your own special thoughts. While Gladwell concentrates on the elements of success, what society determines is prosperity, which conventionally means the size of your income or your fame.
Emerson is a very wise individual who is also tremendously insightful, he can easily persuade someone to change his or her thoughts on almost anything. For example, he altered my perspective to think differently about the society and purely the importance of being well. In Self-Reliance and Other Essays emphasizes the need for individuals to avoid conformity and dishonest consistency, and instead to follow their own instincts and ideas. The essay mainly focuses on the importance self-reliance, individuality and nature; which he believes his version of…

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