What Is The Death Of H. H Holmes Essay

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H. H. Holmes was one of America’s first serial killers who killed up to two hundred in Chicago by luring his victims to his “hotel” while keeping everyone 's suspicion low by telling very convincing lies. He killed these people in a building he advertised as the World’s Fair Hotel. It was not a hotel but an intricate murder castle filled with different ways to kill his victims. Holmes was always interested in medicine and implicated that later in life. He was eventually arrested while trying to scam a life insurance policy out of thousands of dollars.
Holmes grew up in New Hampshire. He was born in 1861.(H.H Holmes Biography) His real name was Herman Webster Mudget.(The Original Client From Hell) He spent most of his life in his room reading
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The drugstore was owned by an elderly man who was dying of cancer. Eventually when he died, his wife, Mrs. Holton, took over. Holmes realized she was under a lot of stress and offered to buy it off of her for a ridiculously high amount for the time in 1887. (The Shocking Truth About Dr. Holton) Eventually Holmes married a woman who was a daughter of a rich family living in Wilmette.(The Master of the Murder Castle) After Holmes bought the drugstore, Mrs. Holton mysteriously disappeared. She was most likely murdered by Holmes.(History.com) Holmes eventually worked for a legitimate business. He was president of the A.B.C. Copier Company. (The Master of the Murder Castle) When his business failed he stole fifty gallons of glycerine from the business and is believed to have been used in his drug store.(The Master of the Murder Castle) With a wife and a base of operations, Holmes was able to envision a great scheme for committing his murders. With the Worlds Fair beginning in Chicago, Holmes envisioned a giant multi story murder house advertised as a hotel for the worlds fair. Holmes purchased the land using the name H.S Campbell.(The Original Client from Hell) It eventually was opened in 1893 just in time for the World’s Fair.(H.H Holmes Biography) The house was filled with trap doors, secret passageways, gas pipes connected to vents, and walled up rooms.(The Master of the Murder Castle) His castle would …show more content…
Together they scammed insurance companies and committed other frauds.(biography.com) The two eventually came up with a major scheme. The plan was to take out a ten thousand dollar life insurance claim on Pitezel. Pitezel would then fake his own death and they would collect the ten thousand dollars.(biography.com) The two landed in a jail in Texas. While he was there, he met Marion Hedgepeth.(biography.com) Holmes made Marion a deal that he could be part of their insurance scam.(biography.com) Marion was jailed for a minor misdemeanor and would be out soon. He could not resist Holmes’ deal. However Holmes had a different plan in mind. Holmes got Pitezel really drunk and actually killed him.(biography.com) He made it look like a lab accident.(The Original Client From Hell) Holmes was able to convince Pitezel’s family that he was still alive. Eventually when they did not trust Holmes, Holmes killed Pitezel’s wife and his three kids.(Swindler) That way Holmes did not have to share the ten thousand dollars with anyone else. Marion ratted out Holmes when he did not give him his share of the money. (H.H Holmes Biography) Marion Hedgpeth did not realize he just uncovered a serial killer who murdered up to two hundred

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