What Is The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time

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I have began reading the novel “The Curious incident of the dog in the night-time” my Mark Haddon and my first impression on the novel is the detail the author put into the main characters thoughts and encounters. At first I thought the information was useless but now I enjoy the narrators knowledge and illustrations. Although Haddon goes into detail about the narrator, I would prefer more insight and perspectives of other characters in the novel.

From reading the beginning of the book, I have had positive and negative reactions to the author’s writing style and information given. First of all, I thoroughly enjoy how Mark Haddon puts the book in the perspective of Christopher the autistic teenage boy. It gives me a deeper connection with Christopher, as I am able to better understand his reasoning and thoughts regarding certain issues. For instance, on
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In addition, Christopher’s illustrations help provide a better understanding of his inner thoughts and feelings which makes this a much more enjoyable and unique novel. For example, on page 64, a chart drawn by Christopher shows us his thought process and reasoning in trying to understand the question given to Marilyn by Graig F. Whitaker. This illustration leads me to believe that Christopher is very intelligent and is very detailed in his work. This added information keeps me entertained and provides another mechanism to get inside Christopher’s mind. Lastly, although Haddon put immense amounts of detail and emotions into Christopher’s character, he lacked building a

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